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Phonolight @ ANIMATION-DISC-O, DIAF, Technische Sammlungen

At the interactive Phonolight DJ/VJ decks created exclusively for the exhibition by Jacob Korn and me visitors were able to produce and/or rework animation discs themselves and experience the animation created in this way on a screen.

Via a turntable with a digital time-code vinyl disc it was possible to select and alter the rotation of images from a virtual disk pool. Visitors can also create their own animation discs. The discs created can be placed on a second turntable and visually mixed with a clip from the virtual disk pool. The resulting animation gets projected onto the wall.

The German Institute for Animated Film presented the exhibition Animation-disc-o in the Technical Collections of Dresden in 2014. In this exhibition visitors could design their own phenakistiscope discs, rotate them at the installation Phonolight created by Jacob Korn and me and mix them with professional rotating discs.

Before any of this was possible, a lot had to be done and to be fixed. After the first contact initiated by the DIAF Jacob and I met with André Eckardt and Ines Seifert to shape the concept. That’s how it looked theoretically:


And that’s the final result 5 minutes before opening:


Pictures of the vernissage:

In the evening Jacob played the soundtrack of the exhibition and I did the visualization (in 340x420px, crazy):

The visitors could draw their own discs over the half year period of the exhibiton and that's what some of them looked like:


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