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Dipl. Medieninf. Deborah Schmidt

E-mail: mail@frauzufall.de
Github: github.com/frauzufall
Twitter: twitter.com/frauzufall

Deborah Schmidt is a computer scientist, who is enthusiastic about media manipulation, tinkering and open source software and hardware.

She grew up doing analog stuff and a lot of scribbling. Her interest in mathematics and arts lead her to enter the digital world by studying media computer science at TU Dresden. She graduated with distinction in 2013. During her studies she co-founded KAZOOSH!, an open, non-commercial community for creating computational, electronic and artistic installations together in a group. She organized and participated in workshops and project weeks in the field of interactive installations and interfaces. The results were shown in exhibitions, conferences and festivals. Until the end of 2015 she worked at TU Dresden as a part of an interdisciplinary group to establish a postgraduate course uniting computer science and arts.

Since 2016 she is a freelancer conceptualizing and programming interactive installations, projections and visualizations. This involves various projects for institutes, museums and software companies shown at exhibitions, musical events, fairs and public spaces. All of her work is running on Linux systems and built using open source software and hardware. She is mainly working with the C++ based openFrameworks and is an active part of its community.

Focus: interactive installations |experimental computer science | prototyping | computer vision | public space | C++ | openFrameworks | openCV | Linux | Arduino | PHP/HTML/Javascript/CSS | Java | Processing | ..